Submit a Crested Saguaro Tip

You can help the Crested Saguaro Society locate and document every crested saguaro! If you have found a crested saguaro that you don't see in our photo gallery, please send us a tip on it! We'll check it out, and if it's one we haven't already documented, we'll add it to our web site -- you even get to name it!

To submit a tip on a crested saguaro, please copy and paste the following form into an email, fill in the blanks, and send it to the Crested Saguaro Society at Thank you!

1. Date of tip (mm/dd/yyyy): ___________________
2. Your name: ___________________
3. Your preferred name for this crested saguaro (if not already named): ___________________
4. GPS Coordinates (if available): ___________________
Hint: You can get the approximate GPS Coordinates by finding the location in Google Maps (switching to the satellite view may help), right-clicking on the location, and choosing "What's here?"
5. Narrative description of location: __________________________________________________________
Neither the GPS Coordinates nor the location (other than the county) will be disclosed on the CSS web site.
6. Photos of saguaro attached? (Yes/No): ___________________
7. OK to add your photos to the CSS web site? (Yes/No): ___________________
Photo caption will say "Photo courtesy of [your name]."
8. Date photos taken (mm/dd/yyyy): ___________________
9. Additional comments: __________________________________________________________