"Crest Questers"

Rex's CRSTQST plate
His idea and he made it happen.
Photo courtesy of Harry Ford
Click on plate above to see "Memorial to Rex"

Oldest known published Crested Saguaro "1893"
"Phoenix Magazine October 2014 Vol. 49 No 10"
5c82bd3e4caa99f10eefa754ea5f163ar Photo courtesy of Phoenix Magazine
"History information part of "Saguaro Show" Article below
Link to Phoenix Magazine "1893 Chicago World's Fair" Article
Second known published Crested Saguaro "1939"
We haven't found this one.

Crested Saguaro on Journal Front page
Cactus and Succulent Society of America, Vol. 1, July 1939, No. 1

Crest Questers
Meeting at the Cadillac Chaparral

Hard at Work
Photo courtesy of Bob Cardell

Pat Hammes - Field Break Time

Margie Pleggenkuhle's Field Morning coffee?
Drink is on Rex's Pickup

The Gang - Magazine Article Coming on CSS
in the Cactus and Succulent Journal by Bill Thornton - lower right corner
Photo courtesy of Bob Cardell

Ted did it!!!

Disabled "CRSTQST" Vehicle
Bob, And you are going to jump the Grand Canyon?

CSS attended a Forever Wild Fiesta
We enjoyed a festive buffet and watched them release a hawk to the wild

Christine H. took the group photo above
with Bob's camera. She wanted to experience a "Crest hunt with Bob & Pat"
Photo courtesy of Bob Cardell

CSS National Headquarters
Photo courtesy of Bob Cardell

CSS Board of Directors
Photo courtesy of Bob Cardell

Where we find Crested Saguaro's
Photo courtesy of Bob Cardell

Joe O. & Phil K. in Action
Click here for more Joe & Phil in action photos
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